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For Alumni

Staying Connected

Irish Aid is very keen to ensure that former fellows can remain in contact with the programme and one another. Alumni connections are currently maintained through a bi-annual newsletter - »The Link - and a dedicated Irish Aid Fellowship Alumni group on Facebook. Efforts are also underway to establish alumni associations in each of Irish Aid's key partner countries.

Calling all former fellows

Irish Aid began supporting scholarships in 1974, meaning that alumni now span five decades. (Note: some awards were made under the names 'Ireland Aid' and 'Development Co-operation Ireland').

We would be delighted to hear from previous Irish Aid Fellowship awardees - from any era - with an update how you've been progressing since completing your studies and any photographs of yourself 'in the field' that you would like to share.

Details of the alumni newsletter, launched in December 2010,  have been sent to the last known email addresses of former students, where available. Please get in touch if you need to update these details or advise us of your email address for the first time. Contact ICOS, the managing agency for Irish Aid Fellowships, at