Ireland Fellows Programme

Interested in study in Ireland? Why not think about applying to be one of our Ireland Fellows and gaining a world class education, enabling you to play a leadership role in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals

The Irish Government offers a number of fellowship programmes to students from developing countries to undertake full-time study at Master's level at an Irish higher level institution, with a focus on courses that are relevant to Irish Aid's development objectives.

More than 2,000 Ireland Fellows have studied in Ireland over the past 50 years as part of our fellowship programme. You will read here about their positive experiences, the skills they have learned and also about their experience of studying in Ireland. Fellows bring a unique perspective which enriches the educational experience in higher education institutions in Ireland as they address global challenges. In the course of their studies in Ireland, participating fellows are provided with opportunities to learn more about Ireland.

We believe that education is key to development. It has been central to Ireland’s own pathway to change and development.  Through the Ireland Fellows Programme we aim to provide early career professionals, women and men, with leadership potential, opportunities to undertake a Master's course in an Irish higher education institution. On completion of their studies, graduates will have acquired relevant skills and knowledge and will be better positioned to influence the advancement of national social, economic and development priorities. Fostering women’s leadership capacity is a priority. On return, graduates are expected to resume work and put their acquired skills into good use for the benefit of their home country.

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