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About Partnerships

The Irish Aid Fellowship Programme has been running for over 40 years and has supported the professional development of personnel in our key partner countries and in organisations working to promote development. ‌

A large proportion of fellowships each year are awarded to the staff of government departments and NGOs which work in partnership with Irish Aid. In some partner countries, fellowships are also awarded to personnel of organisations that are aligned with Irish Aid's development strategy in their country. To find out if personnel from your organisation are eligible to apply, please contact the relevant Embassy of Ireland.

As part of the terms and conditions of the programme in most partner countries, awards under the Fellowship Training Programme are only available to applicants who have been employed by partners for a specified period and who sign a binding agreement to return to these organisations for a minimum of two years after the conclusion of their studies. Thus, each year, dozens of partner organisations benefit from the return of staff to key positions after being supported by Irish Aid Fellowships which have enabled them to attain enhanced skills, knowledge and experience - and the ability to share the benefit of their learning with colleagues. To find out if this applies to applicants from your country, please contact the relevant Embassy of Ireland.

Endorsing a Fellowship Applicant

All applicants will require formal endorsement from their supervising officer within their organisation.

The reference letter on behalf of the organisation should explain why the applicant is being nominated, what specific skills the nominee is expected to gain from participation in the proposed master’s degree programme and how the nominee’s newly acquired knowledge and skills will build capacity within the organisation.

The employer endorsement form provided asks for an outline of how the course of study will fill gaps in terms of skills available in the organisation or build on existing strengths and how the organisation will support the nominee to build the capacity of the organisation on his/her return.

The organisation may also need to provide written confirmation that the nominee will be able to return to a position at least equivalent to their current one at the end of their studies.

For more information, please contact the relevant Embassy of Ireland.