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Kiden Betty Beneya Enosa
(South Sudan)

MSc in Economics – International Development, Trinity College Dublin

Kiden worked as a Monitoring Assistant with the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) in the Emergency Unit before moving to Ireland for her studies.

I will recommend this programme to people from my country because it is an excellent opportunity that is rare to come by.

I worked across the UNWFP Emergency Unit's four sections which include Integrated Rapid Response Mechanism, Refugees Operations, Lean Seasonal Response, and Project Management committee operations. The emergency unit is responsible for food assistance to vulnerable and hard to reach populations. Therefore, my roles and responsibilities included participation in assessments, beneficiary registration, food distribution, and post-distribution monitoring. I was the unit’s point of contact for the resolution of general operation queries. Routinely, I trained, coached, and mentored field teams on standard emergency preparedness.    

The one-year duration of the programme is suitable for my career plan. With my profound interest in economics and development, high-quality training with a focus on advanced research methods and a supervised research thesis will enhance my skills for independent research in economics. The emphasis on active and problem-based learning will enhance my proficiency in fundamental economic problem-solving skills. Through the content depth and breadth of this programme, I foresee myself becoming familiar with the latest topics, methods and policies employed in the economics of International Development and mirror the same against the backdrop of the context in South Sudan.  

This scholarship has relieved me of financial burden, and I get to focus on my education exclusively. Without this scholarship, I would not have made it to Ireland or this prestigious institution because of the costs involved. It has also given me the opportunity to connect and create friendships with people of different calibre from different countries which connections will grow and last for a lifetime. I am honoured and grateful for this opportunity. 

Attending this course has been fulfilling because my teamwork skills have improved, enhanced by the group problem-solving approach and discussions. My communication skills improved tremendously, as did my time management skills. As a compressed course, we have so much to do in a short time which calls for proper planning and knowing one’s daily priorities to be able to meet each deadline as it comes. I am proud of who I have become thanks to doing this course. Aside from the knowledge I learned from class, I also gained knowledge from interacting with people from different countries with diverse cultures which positively changed my perspective and approach to life. I even learnt a little bit of the Irish language which made me feel at home and I will forever be grateful for this opportunity. 

Adjusting to life in Ireland has been an exciting journey full of emotions. When my scholarship was confirmed, I was overjoyed because it was a dream come true for me. This was an opportunity that I had been waiting for all my life. Adapting to the weather and the food was a little bit challenging, being my first time out of Africa but the experience was exciting at the same time because I was getting to learn a new culture. The hospitality of the people in Ireland is commendable, it made me blend in easily compared to what I expected.  

I certainly will miss a lot of things about Ireland, I enjoyed the peace and joy that I feel since I came. I will surely miss the friendships that I have created while in Ireland and most of all their hospitality towards strangers, I have never felt this comfortable in a new place as I feel in Ireland. 

There is quite a stark difference between Ireland and my home country in terms of economic development, political stability, culture, and standard of living. Ireland has well developed infrastructure in terms of roads, government institutions and industries which South Sudan is nowhere close to. 

As a woman in a male-dominated field with the required skills and the level of innovative skills that I have acquired from this fellowship, coupled with the low female representation WFP and South Sudan in general, I see myself in a management position at my workplace soon. Five years from now, I expect to enrol for a PhD and hope to become an independent researcher in the field of development economics overall.  

I will recommend people from my country for this programme because it is an excellent opportunity that is rare to come by. This scholarship will expose them to high quality education in world-class intuitions offering the best education with highly qualified instructors.