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Yannick Memee

MSc in Environmental Leadership, NUI Galway

Yannick received a fellowship award to study an MSc in Environmental Leadership in NUI Galway.  

This fellowship is an opportunity not to be missed and Ireland has some of the best universities in Europe. 

Previously working in a luxury resort, I decided to become a freelance consultant undertaking projects relating to the blue economy in 2018. Working particularly in the circular economy and climate change, I currently act as a role model for other youths by actively engaging various groups including young entrepreneurs in projects relating to climate change, the environment and culture. I also play an active part in various youth discussions and consult on policies relating to young people, through SYAH Seychelles, a youth-led NGO. 

I am at present studying for an MSc in Environmental Leadership. From an early age, I have always been passionate about the environment and culture. I often participated in school competitions, from poems and essays, to debates, all with the focus on sustainability, which has led me to my passion. Through my work both professionally and voluntarily, I have seen those I interact with becoming leaders. The course was a natural choice for me when I looked at the various modules. They are tailored to instil the knowledge which is relevant particularly for those coming from the Ocean States. 

This fellowship has provided me with the opportunity to interact with various fellows from diverse backgrounds, to share knowledge as well as experiences on various issues and solutions. It has also helped me build cultural exchanges not only between fellows but also with the people of Ireland.  

I have also been able to gather knowledge about sustainability in Ireland since the country is transitioning towards a sustainable model. A good opportunity for me to see this transition and be able to replicate it in my country. I have gained a better perspective on international regimes related to sustainable development, the complex interactions in susta

My experience in Ireland has been amazing, it is a country I have always wanted to visit since I fell in love with the rich culture. The people are all-round jolly. The cold is not as bad as I was expecting. I have explored some amazing places in the country, from Diamond Hill in Connemara to various woodlands. I am looking forward to unlocking more of the secrets Ireland has to offer. I have also volunteered in various activities such as beach clean-ups at Claddagh beach. When I return home, I think I will mostly miss the atmosphere, the culture, and the friends I have made over the year. I might even miss the cold weather.  

This programme will help me refine my ideas and transform them into something meaningful when I return home. It will help to further develop not just myself but my country as well, as the knowledge attained will enable me to inspire other youths, open new avenues, unlocking potential to further their dreams. I am hoping that this knowledge will also help in eliminating the lethargy and afflictions faced by the youth. 

For the future development of my country, I hope to see Seychelles become more sustainable with greener infrastructure, more investment in the blue economy and support for sustainable businesses. I plan to play my part to ensure this future. On a personal level, I hope to restart my business which was unfortunately put on hold due to the pandemic so that I can explore new investment opportunities in sustainable agriculture. I have a few plans that I am working on at present which I hope to launch in the coming years. 

My advice to candidates from my country would be to not think twice about applying for the Ireland Fellows Programme. This fellowship is an opportunity not to be missed and Ireland has some of the best universities in Europe. I would also advise them to have a clear plan of what they want out of this and that they do not just do it for the sake of gaining a degree. As ambassadors of their country, they are already leaders in their field, they should believe in themselves and despite it being a tough and lengthy process, they will not regret it.  

inable governance, new green practices that can be applied within organisations and environmental issues that were never my focus, however, are relevant to addressing these issues such as environmental racism and injustices.