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Dumsani Mthayiphi Dlamini

Master of Business Administration, Dublin Business School

Dumsani is from Eswatini. In 2022, he was awarded a fellowship to study a Master of Business Administration at Dublin Business School. Prior to moving to Ireland, Dumsani worked in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Trade, as an analyst of industrial policy.

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Earning this esteemed fellowship has provided me with a remarkable opportunity to develop my skills and gain a highly respectable qualification.

I am Mthayiphi Dlamini from the Kingdom of Eswatini, and thanks to the Ireland Fellows Programme, I am currently enrolled in the MBA programme at Dublin Business School (DBS). I have a strong enthusiasm for business development and economic progress, and the course I am taking fits with my aspirations and goals for my career. I see myself as a modest person who values openness, empathy, and collaboration. I also greatly believe in working together with people to accomplish shared objectives. I am incredibly passionate about learning and am motivated and driven by the desire to acquire knowledge that will benefit others.

Prior to moving to Ireland, I worked in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Trade, as an analyst of industrial policy. The country's Industrial Development Policy was created and implemented as part of my position. I spoke on behalf of my Ministry and my nation in forums held at national, regional, and international levels to discuss industrialization and trade issues.

I chose to study an MBA at DBS because I believe it is a necessary prerequisite for me to achieve my long-term career goals. The programme will assist me in achieving my long-term objective of excelling in my field. The increase in confidence I will experience, the development of my interpersonal and communication skills, the discipline required to stick to a study schedule, the growth of my strategic thinking abilities, and the credibility my academic success will give me are all important benefits of earning an MBA. I carefully considered what it takes to finish an MBA degree, and I completely understood how much time and effort it requires. The programme will improve my marketability as a professional and boost the variety and quality of job options, which is an immediate and a natural step in the advancement of my career. An MBA will enable me to connect with a varied set of professionals and join a vast worldwide alumni network, in addition to expanding my job options and earning possibilities.

Earning this esteemed fellowship has provided me with a remarkable opportunity to develop my skills and gain a highly respectable qualification. Since beginning my programme, I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and abilities in a number of areas, including diplomacy, self-reliance, adaptability, reporting, accountability, and cultural competence. My career orientation has changed thanks to the practical experience I have obtained, and I feel more confident about pursuing the vocation of my dreams. My ability to lead with inspiration and charisma will come through improving my practical abilities, such as effective communication, teamwork, leadership and management. Given my employment, the research skills I have acquired are quite valuable.

Although, I already visited several African and Asian nations as a result of speaking on behalf of my nation in international forums and participating in capacity-building projects, I have always yearned to see Europe. Obtaining the fellowship not only allowed me to achieve a lifetime passion of mine—pursuing a master’s programme abroad—but also realised another dream I had—that of living in Europe. What a dream come true. As a result, getting used to living in Ireland has been the most effortless and easy thing I have ever experienced.

Living in Ireland has made me realise the importance of efficient and effective technology to how things are organized and carried out. Everything is properly structured in this country, from public services to transportation services, and thanks to technology, lines are no longer necessary. Ireland is a developed nation with a high level of industrialization and opportunity. While my country holds seminars on job creation, Ireland holds employment seminars where they highlight the vast employment prospects available. Coming from the southern part of Africa, I realise that the weather in Ireland is another thing that is totally different from the one I am used to.

Over the course of my fellowship, I want to raise my self-awareness, acquire a world-class qualification, and develop as a person while also strengthening my linguistic and intercultural skills. Many employers prioritize applicants with these life experiences and talents over those without them. Furthermore, studying in Ireland gives me a competitive advantage that will enhance my chances of finding a job in the future as the labour market continues to become more globally diversified. Because information creates an insatiable need that becomes worse the more you drink, I'm working towards knowledge in hope of achieving it.

It's amazing how participating in the online training classes offered by the Irish Council for International Students (ICOS) helps me learn new skills. I feel respected, appreciated, and well-cared for because of the regular updates from ICOS on Fellows' welfare and the monthly drop-in sessions where Fellows can talk with their handlers. Last but not least, I love having the chance to travel to interesting areas.

Without a doubt I would recommend the Ireland Fellows Programme to others. Since this is such a prestigious fellowship, receiving it is a wonderful honour. The fellowship gives you a wonderful opportunity to experience a foreign culture and way of life while studying in Ireland, as well as to develop levels of self-confidence and self-knowledge that are unlikely to be attained at home. Studying abroad can change your life if you are self-sufficient, adventurous, and have a little initiative. This is a scholarship that enables one to continue their education in a peaceful nation with kind people.

Before Fellows leave their home countries for Ireland, they receive support from ICOS and are well-cared for. Each fellowship awardee is assigned a contact person, providing the chance to get rapid and direct help whenever necessary throughout one's stay in Ireland. The Ireland Fellows Programme also offers a variety of events that are routinely planned so that Fellows can interact, network, and share experiences. In addition, these events give ICOS the chance to directly monitor the welfare of Fellows and to solicit feedback on issues that might affect Fellows' daily lives.

I fervently urge anyone who is committed, responsible, and keen to further their studies in Ireland to think about applying for such a distinguished fellowship. I would make sure the potential applicant is aware that they not only become Fellows after receiving the fellowship, but they also become Ambassadors for their country, therefore, it is crucial that they do not let their countries down while they are pursuing their studies. During one's time in Ireland, it is crucial to follow the fellowship's rules and be a responsible citizen. The second point I can stress is that being a Fellow is only for studying, not for taking vacations. Last but not least, volunteering is a great means by which Fellows can express their appreciation to the Government of Ireland, and I would heartily encourage anyone to think about doing it at any time.