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Achieve Your Leadership Potential Training, May 2022

Group 2 with their trainer, Deirdre Quinlan 

Achieve Your Leadership Potential Training took place in the Gibson Hotel, Dublin on Friday the 27th of May for 50+ of the Ireland Fellows.  

This leadership training aimed to develop leadership competences in participants and help them become instigators of change in their professional fields upon their return to their home countries. 

The sessions were led by Leilani van Rheenen and Deirdre Quinlan, both experts in the non-formal education and leadership field. Both Leilani and Deirdre have many years of experience of training future leaders, while Leilani focuses on emotional intelligence in leadership, Deirdre is focuses on inclusive and authentic leadership. 

During the training, Fellows had the opportunity to to learn more about what it means to be a leader and what the qualities of a great leader are, reflect on the type of a leader they would like to be, learn from their previous experiences as well as from the trainer and other participants.  

The Fellows found the training immensely helpful, the only complaint being they wished it were longer! Some Fellows commented, ‘The training was good and indeed a fundamental factor to one’s development.’ Another said, ‘I loved and gained insightful skills from the training. The drawings and models made by the trainees gave an insight into leadership experience growth as well as their future ambitions.’ 

Thank you to all the Fellows for their participation and engagement, to ICOS for organising the opportunity and to and our trainers for putting together excellent sessions.  

Group 1 with their trainer, Leilani Rheenen